Passing Laws & Working for You!

While serving in the House of Representatives I am proud to have passed many ground breaking pieces of legislation. Detroit deserves lawmakers that do more than kiss babies or pass out cookies and hotdogs.   These tough times require leaders to think deeper and to make educated policy decisions which set the course for our future.   Detroit deserves more than lip service.

We need results!

Bills Passes:

HB 4596 of 2007 (PA 72 of 2008) and HB 5287 of 2007 (PA 59 of 2008)

Mandates that mortgage loan officers be licensed by the state so that their actions can  be monitored and to insure that consumers are protected

HB 5558 of 2007

Empowers the Insurance Commissioner to issue refunds to customers when insurance companies overcharge

HB 5319 of 2007 (PA 50 of 2008)

Enabled the city of Detroit to go after individuals and businesses that create blight

HB 6169 of 2008

Keeps families that are in extreme poverty from losing their homes because of delinquent property taxes and established a reasonable payment plan

HB 4849 of 2007 (PA 78 of 2007)

Agriculture law that enabled Michigan to continue our production of quality fruits and vegetables to improve our economy.  Agriculture is Michigan’s second largest industry.

HB 4884 of 2007 (PA 50 of 2007)

Transferred money to the state general fund that help end the budget crisis of 2007 and paid for programs that support community health, human services and police protection

HB 5894 of 2008 (PA 135 of 2008) and 6057 of 2008 (PA 445 of 2008)

Required that adult-foster care workers have background checks to protect our loved ones

HB 4453 of 2009 (PA 29 of 2009)

Created a “first of its kind” state law which mandates that mortgage companies must sit down with homeowners to modify loans before foreclosing.  Giving homeowners new protections and keeping neighborhoods strong.

HB 4211 of 2009

Protects renters by giving them the right to receive notice when the home that they live in is in foreclosure

HB 4735 of 2009

Protects victims of identity theft by giving them the right to sue the perpetrator for damages and get back what was stolen

HB 4998 of 2009 (PA 63 of 2009)

Mandates that ownership of Cobo Hall stays with the city of Detroit

HB 5578 of 2009

Allows the state to confiscate any property used in the inhumane act of human trafficking

HB 5394 of 2009 (PA 47 of 2010)

Gives the department of education new revenue to help them implement President Obama’s education plan in Michigan.


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